Lana Rae Jarvis is an authentic ingenue who arrived in Hollywood 75 years too late. She was born in Washington, DC & has lived in New York, Tucson & The Bay Area before arriving in LA. She studied at The American Conservatory and Berkeley Rep Theatre. In LA she has studied withAnthony Meindl, Gary Austin, James Franco's Studio 4 & The Second City Conservatory. She has appeared on stage in the Hollywood Fringe Festival & at The Sacred Fools. She has booked three film appearances & one featured extra  in a TV pilot. Her film debut, Youth, screened at Cannes. She wrote,  co-produced & acted in Going First this year. She is also a voiceover artist. Beyond acting she has been dancing since the age of five, studying & performing Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Aerial, Modern & Pole. She is also a singer/songwriter, guitarist. pianist & ukulele plucker.


Margo Mottur’s acting career spans a breadth of experience in New York and Los Angeles. Margo has been fortunate in her career to work with some of the most notable directors in film Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, and Richard Attenborough top the list of her experience. Her extensive resume includes numerous New York based film, television, soap opera, commercials and theatrical productions since the start of her career as a child actress off Broadway.



DJ Lubel is an award winning writer and actor known for his unconventional and sometimes controversial take on comedy situations. He originates from New York and is a graduate of Pennsylvania University. Some of his most famous work includes the somewhat raunchily named Masturbate for Life and Californication where he appeared as himself and also wrote a number of scenes.


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