Going First is the story of a plucky new casting assistant confronted by a bathroom full of superstitious actors. In danger of being fired on the first day, quick lateral thinking appeases her fire-breathing boss & saves her job.


Going First marks the screen writing debut of principal actor Lana Rae Jarvis (Katie) & is based on a bit of questionable wisdom shared at an auditioning workshop.


Sharing the screen are veteran actor Margo Mottur & comic writer /performer DJ Lubel. Also appearing are Jordan Roman, Sam Walt Jones, Alfredo Viramontes, Damien Simmons, Grayson Niles & Eugen Leon


Going First is 6:30 long (exclusive of credits). It was shot in 4K color. The soundtrack is stereo, English. It was shot on location in Santa Monica CA in September of 2016.


Going First is the first narrative produced by Mom & Pop Productions, directed by Elizabeth Holder and shot by Drew Thomas.

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